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x   the maricas of santa fe
Santa Fé, the former upper class neighbourhood located in the city centre of Bogotá, nowadays offers all kinds of satisfaction to men. The capital of Columbia and mega-city who is offering all kind of satisfaction to a wooer these days. Women of all ages and from all over the country providing temporary pleasures by offering their bodies. The streets filled with people and a certain level of safety in this old neighbourhood characterises an area of tolerance to those who make their living out of prostitution. The two friends, Natalia and Arelis built their social and economic ties in between those 15 blocks. They were born as men in the rural villages of the Colombian highlands and moved to the capital looking for acceptance in their sex reversal and taking the chance to escape the countryside, where they been faced with misunderstandings and discriminations. All across the country people, especially transgender women moving to the centre of the capital to work on the streets and thus improve their quality of life. Few women have enough money to get their sex-change surgery done, so they take some hormone-pharmaceuticals and place at least a hormone therapy. Arelis doesn’t even have enough money to buy this medication, so she fills her bra with socks to obtain a more feminine appearance. The work on the streets only guarantees a small income. Transgender women call each other "Marica", an expression which generally is rather offensive for the Gay community. In this case it is more an expression to differ, as they are sharing their lives in Santa Fé together as a group. Arelis and Natalia are living together in a house in the Colombian Capital, with more than 30 people including 10 out of the transgender community. Most of them are working in prostitution, selling coffee and tea in the streets or live off temporary jobs. Since the labour atmosphere inside the neighbourhood can be unsafe, they basically spending their free time at home, smoking weed, watching TV and cooking together. Natalia and Arelis have built an atmosphere of trust inside the house and new tenants who threaten that breakable peace get thrown out.
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